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Community Communications Committee

Dear Suches Neighbor,  
Two weeks ago people in the Suches community asked the churches and several organizations to form this committee with the purpose of helping people in the community communicate better about things of concern to the community.  They also asked to have a report on progress within two weeks.

This is the first part of that report.
We are calling the committee the Suches Community Communications Committee.  Since that is a mouth full, we will often use just SCCC.  If you think of better or shorter name maybe we'll change.
We have collected contact information for about half the people in Suches. We have about 200 email addresses.
We don't have precise numbers because the information is on several lists and we are in process of merging them together, removing obsolete data, etc.
We have been writing a set of guidelines for the committee.  We have made good progress but still have a lot to do.
We planned to send out what we have so far today.  But, we received some good input late today and would like to add it to the guidelines before sending them out.
Please remember that everything we send out for quite a while are works in progress. 
We encourage everyone to send us comments, suggestions, questions and anything else that you will. 
Please, try to be helpful.  If you just beat up on us we may not know what to do.
Don't just tell us something is bad.  Tell us how to fix it.
If you don't understand something tell us.  We'll try to figure out what we meant and rewrite it a better way.
Although we are not yet fully organized and our guidelines are not complete, we have been doing some of the work you set up the committee to do.
If you received this email you probably have a computer.
Get on the web and look at the web site
Click on Suches Do'ins.  What do you think?
Joan Moody is doing a wonderful job of maintaining the website.
Joan is a professional website designer.  She is doing this as a free service to our community.
If you like what she has done, click on one of the email links at the site and tell her how much
you appreciate her work.
If you have something that you think should go on the web site email the information to
We will look it over and get back to you if we see anything that looks confusing or whatever.
Then we will send it to the website.
In the future we will set up a system to limit emails.
We want to send you what you need or want and not a lot of other stuff.
We do hope to have mailing address, email address, home phone number, and cell phone number.for everyone living in Suches.
For those who don't want to be bothered, we will only contact them in case of an emergency.
The following are small parts from the guidelines.  Add your two cents worth and email it back to us.

Purpose of the SCCC

The sole purpose of the SCCC is to help people and organizations of Suches  communicate about things of concern or interest to the community.


The SCCC is an informal group with no legal standing and no authority to represent or obligate the community in any way.

The committee members serve the community on a voluntary basis without any compensation and at their own expense.

Individually and as a group they may not be held liable for any omission or failure to act unless such is done consciously, intentionally and with the purpose of harm to the community.

  General Guidelines

In extraordinary situations exceptions to these guidelines may be made by the committee on a case by case basis.  A vote of the majority of members of the SCCC should be obtained prior to such action. 

The SCCC shall keep in mind the trust placed in it by the community and refrain from any action that might compromise its standing in the community.

The SCCC will

Evaluate items submitted for communication prior to sending them out.

Follow the committee's guidelines to the extent that is reasonable and practical when evaluating items.

Respect and protect the privacy of individuals.  Only personal information necessary to provide communications as desired by the individual will be kept by the SCCC.  All information will be protected by appropriate security measures to the maximum extent practical. The Blind copy (Bcc) feature of email systems will be used to protect email addresses.

The SCCC will not

knowingly participate in the spread of gossip, rumors, hoaxes or things of a similar nature.

communicate items of a commercial nature (for business profit) or other selfish interest.

attempt to replace any existing means of community communication, but work with the people involved as far as practical and wanted.

normally originate items to be communicated. The committee will not produce the messages.  It will just get them out to the people.  However, any person on the committee, may produce a message herself or for an organization she belongs to.  When the committee needs to tell the community what it is doing it may create the message, of course.

Solicit charitable donations or provide financial assistance. However, it may communicate information about such efforts by others.

Become involved with the internal affairs of other organizations, conflicts between them or between individuals.

The current draft of the guidelines has about 15 pages.  So the above is really just a small part.  We hope this sample will show the direction we are going.

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