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Neighborhood Recycling Pickup Begins in Union County

Commissioner Lamar Paris announced the receipt of a grant from the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority which will provide nearly $30,000 to set up neighborhood recycling collection stations throughout Union County.

The program is in Suches on every Wednesday from 8:00 to Noon, volunteers will assist residents in the collection of mixed paper (newspaper, cereal boxes, phone books); aluminum cans and No. 1 and No. 2 plastic.

Following the start-up in Suches, it is planned for the program to begin in each fire station/voting precinct in the County. He stressed the need for volunteers interested in recycling to make the program work. Volunteers will be asked to assist at each location for about 4 hours on collection day. Interested parties should contact Elizabeth Patton, 706-897-1159. “When we get enough volunteers we will expand to other locations,” said the Commissioner. “Noting the number of calls I receive about recycling, I don’t think getting volunteers will be a problem,” he said.

For many it has been too much trouble to keep recyclables separate and take to the transfer station so we decided to bring the recycling to their neighborhood location to encourage recycling in the county. We feel this is a great alternative considering the cost of gasoline and the time involved in going to the transfer station.

Residents are asked to rinse cans and plastic before bringing them to the recycle stations which will be set up at each voting precinct/fire station in their neighborhood.

Fire Chief Charles Worden said “this is a good use of our buildings. We hope to be an integral part in helping to solve the problem of reducing the waste that goes into our transfer station facility.”


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